Thursday, April 21, 2016

Advantages of Using Pertamax for Vehicles

In general, vehicles using fuel as a power source, even so now also being developed using the vehicle power source of general listrik.Secara motor vehicles using diesel fuel or gasoline manifold. For gasoline now divided into several types such as regular gasoline namely premium, pertalite, pertamax, and the best are pertamax plus that has the highest octane levels.

Pertamax has a sale price that is more expensive than regular premium. Because pertamax have up to 92 octane levels higher than usual premium. It is clear pertamax has its own advantages. For you who do not know what are the actual advantages of using pertamax on the vehicle, please refer to the discussion below.

Here Excess use Pertamax for Vehicles

Better Combustion Process

Excess use pertamax for the first vehicle is the combustion process in the engine better and perfect. This advantage will certainly make vehicles more leverage in producing the combustion process. Pertamax has properties more difficult to burn than the usual premium. By using pertamax can assist in the combustion process in the engine more efficient.

Process Gas Emissions Discard the Good

Excess use pertamax to the next vehicle exhaust emission process gas is better. With the use of fuel pertamax been proven that the vehicle will produce exhaust gas emissions better than the premium. Exhaust emissions better gas is obtained due to the refinement process arson. As in the above explanation that pertamax have properties more difficult to burn, thus making the combustion process to be efficient, which also have an impact on exhaust emissions are lower.

More Friendly to the Environment

With a more efficient combustion process, the use of pertamax also will lower the emission of exhaust gas. Then automatically use this pertamax into the category of fuel that is more environmentally friendly. With this type of pertamax can make a new breakthrough as the fuel is higher quality and more environmentally friendly.

Free from Lead

Excess pertamax the next one is free of lead that can make the machine more quality. Besides the use of fuels that do not contain lead pertamax could help avoid the engine room, valves, spark plugs, and also the piston of precipitation caused by lead. With so it certainly will make the engine in the vehicle to be cleaner.

more Efficient

The next Excess consumption of more fuel efficient compared to premium. For economical problems, many of the consumers who stated that the use pertamax is more efficient compared to premium fuel. This is due to the nature of pertamax more difficult to burn, and make the combustion process becomes better. Doing so will help in reducing the chances of fuel is exhausted.

Care Easier

The advantage of the latter pertamax in this discussion is the treatment process easier. With a wide range of advantages that make use of pertamax has an advantage in the motor vehicle maintenance becomes simpler and easier. This is because pertamax not contain lead content, thus making the engine cleaner.

For other advantages are giving kendaaraan become more responsive performance, suitable for motor vehicle with injection technology, be cost-effective, and more.


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